About Us

About us

We help to spread great ideas and innovations around the world faster and in better ways

Our vision

AI.corns wants to provide businesses a fully adaptable and expandable sales platform using AI and automation. We enable companies to sell their products and services efficiently at scale. We make sales impactful and eliminate waste of resources for both sellers and prospects.

Who we are

We intensify the value of your time and share the magnitude of your passion.

We know how many resources you’ve devoted to being successful. We love working with companies and people driven by ambition. That’s why we support you to achieve much more in less time by tailoring AI and hyper-automation force to fit and upscale your sales team.

In a nutshell, AICORNS super empower your sales, so you can focus on the important parts – connecting with others, nurturing relationships and growing your potential beyond the convention.

We welcome challenges

We look at the problems from a different angles

We work together as one team

We value human business connections

Our clients success is our success


What they say



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Company address

24A Trolley Square #2249
Wilmington, DE 19806
United States


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