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So we’ve made this to explain how we solve the most relevant challenges in today’s sales & marketing landscape. Most importantly, you can mix & match these features and make them fit your needs. Same as Subway sandwiches, only digital and more satisfying in the long term.

Intelligent account-based targeting of leads

The new standard of data research

This solution goes deeper and finds the right emotional triggers that lead to conversion. It’s state-of-the-art empowerment through multiple intent data models for the best possible coverage.

Lead and account filtering options

Order leads to success. AI.corns filter targeted leads through tens of different criteria. This gives you a better overall perspective about your sales funnels and helps you to focus efficiently and at the right time on your sweet spot.

Lead data enrichment

Whether you need contacts, job information, or employer data, these are not easy to get from the web. AI.corns tirelessly mine for the most up-to-date information and tap into the stream to get your foot right to your potential client’s door.

Access to 600M+ global companies and contacts

Intent data & signals with 100+ data points

Detailed account profiles, contact profiles, verified emails, corporate & direct phones, social URLs, and mailing addresses

Every field updated and verified

97%+ accuracy

Each data point is 100% guaranteed

Playbooks that make everything tick over better

Pick any from our continuously evolving library of best-performing sales templates. One day, Stephen King will write one of these for you. You just need to contact him through AI.corns first.

AI-driven multichannel outreach

Automate outreach at scale

The revolution of campaign development is at your hands. We predefined rules, decision points, set up a time frame, and selected the right channels. You just need to push the button and let it flow.

Drill down in A/B testing of playbook & sequence structures

This or that? Why not run more scenarios and see which one is the winner? Create, experiment, adapt, evolve and succeed! It’s not about the copy that resonates with you – it’s about the one that resonates with those you’re engaging with.


AI-driven comparing pausing and resuming

Our digital sales force identifies positive or negative sentiment through the conversation to decide whether it’s the right moment to hand over the potential lead to your sales team or continue the dialogue by itself.

Deep message personalization

Dynamic fields for advanced personalization

You don’t want your virtual sales agent to sound like a chatbot or spam, right? That’s why our platform manages to fill the gaps in conversations with a more personal approach – using names, company names, positions, or even react to people’s posts, comments, and any kind of their engagement inside the digital space. 

Personalized images and videos

Better CTR, less text. AI.corns can take a screenshot of anyone’s website, include logos, names, places or public pictures into conversations to create icebreakers par excellence only to trigger positive emotions, surprise the potential customers & increase conversion.

Complex & transparent digital sales HQ

Every thriving business needs a bulletproof back office that ensures everything runs as it is supposed to. Every thriving business needs our dashboards.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Easy solution for the supervisors & decision-makers that helps you to recognize new opportunities, eliminate threats, overview your ROI & analyze campaign stats. 

Human-friendly Dashboards

Designed for cool people, not bureaucrats. Filter-friendly dashboards provide you and your team with a holistic experience of what's going on in your sales funnels. Just to make your next step easier.

Advanced security and governance features

Suitable for both competitive and cooperative teams

You can simply divide and conquer or work together to achieve more. Our platform allows you to set up user roles and authorizations – everyone inside will only see the info that includes their part of the job.

GDPR, CCPA compliant

Oh, we still need to talk about it in 2021. But of course, it’s essential to work with personal data according to laws and restrictions that apply globally. The data is sourced and processed in compliance with privacy protection regulations in the EU and the US. It always has been and always will be!

Complete accounts protection

We utilize your LinkedIn and dedicated email accounts. We take numerous measures and have done a pretty fantastic job to make 100% sure your accounts stay secure and in perfect condition all the time.

Ultimate LinkedIn management with smart features

We make the most out of their best features. AI.corns works with tagging, filtering & reacting the same way humans do – they just don’t judge anyone for their content or opinion – duh!

This includes:

Advanced network management

Advanced inbox management

Invitation management


Integration with your CRM and other tools is a matter of course – so you can easily sync leads and their conversations & keep lead records always up to date.
It’s just how things in the digital service should be. It’s not 2010 anymore.

Lovely customer support

You most definitely would want to connect with our Client service team. For now, you can meet them online.

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