Frequently Asked Questions


AI.corns is a powerful B2B sales acceleration solution that uses AI result driven technology to help businesses grow by identifying and engaging their best target audience. AI.corns managed service makes it even easier to happen.

First, in a few simple steps you define a target audience you want to reach out. Then you prepare a sequence of emails and/or messages that are automatically sent on your behalf based on defined rules. You can specify time and days when your emails/messages will be sent. A step by step wizard is available for you to create and launch a campaign. You can also use one of our many templates.

Your messages and emails must look like they were typed manually and meant to be to a particular person. This significantly influences the reply rate and success of a campaign. Therefore, each message and email shall be addressed to a particular person. You can incorporate multiple variables such as name, company, industry and many more. For even deeper personalization, you can add custom variables as well as adjust messages and emails for particular prospects.

No, our platform applies various features and measures on top of message and email personalization to make it feel completely human-like, unless generic and non-personalized text is used.

As many languages as your team can handle 🙂 It's all about what languages you want to connect with your prospects.

Yes. It's essential to work with personal data according to laws and restrictions that apply globally. The data is sourced and processed in compliance with privacy regulations in the EU and the US.

While our unlimited plans have no limits, third party service providers such as Google and LinkedIn apply different restrictions. For instance, Google’s sending policy sets the limit to 400 emails per mailbox daily, LinkedIn allows to reach out 100 new people per week and 170 messages to send to existing connections per profile each day.

We apply a set of guidelines and best deliverability practices to help prevent your emails being marked as spam. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee your prospects may mark you as spam unless your campaigns are personalized and well targeted.

Yes, definitely! Our plans provide you with a set of features supporting team collaboration and administration over prospects, campaigns, schedules, templates as well as statistics. You can manage and monitor multiple accounts and oversee results in detail for each team member separately or as for the entire team. You can also apply different permissions across your team.

Yes, sure. There is no long term commitment with us. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. Change of your subscription applies at the beginning of your next billing cycle unless agreed otherwise.