How It Works

Just get more out of every seed

It’s hard to make a profit these days, but it shouldn’t be.
Building all kinds of sales strategies, optimizing a sales funnel, positioning, data scraping, and more – this is a job you can automate and get the load off your shoulders right now so you can manage all those rich leads in bulk.

The secret behind it all?

Pure technological progress!
It all starts with precise messaging and sniper-focused targeting through progressive AI.

Manage the conversion

Trigger emotions

Explain the benefits

Make your brand impossible to ignore

Outplay competitors

Evoke interest

Secure rational connection

Handle the acquired lead over to your talented team

So what's going to happen
after you call us to arms?

Understanding & In-depth Analysis

We work and research through the days & nights to understand who you are, what’s your business, your industry, what you offer, who are your customers and competitors.

ICPs & Segmentation

We review your local or global ideal customer profiles (ICPs), build your Target account list(s) & list the most relevant prospects that are most likely going to respond to your offer. 

Prospecting Strategy, Playbooks & Personalized Communication

We personalize the strategic approach to fit your needs – setting up the most suitable playbooks and personalized communication to connect and nurture your prospects to close deals. Each business and even role requires a different approach, therefore we personalize communication on an individual level to reach the best possible outcome.

Testing & Optimization

We test various scenarios to make sure everything works and ticks. Then, we apply it on a full scale.

Connections & Conversations

We simply automate your tedious and repetitive work so you can step in once it's the right time to take it from the lead to the deal. You can check the overview of all conversations in your inbox.

Nurturing & Engagement

Not each relevant prospect is ready to buy something instantly. Thus our solution and playbooks enable you to nurture and engage prospects & utilize the maximum potential of your target account lists (TALs), so you can take over the prospect when it becomes relevant to close the deal.

Continuous Review & Optimization

We always look for new opportunities to improve and scale your business. Your results are our best proof. That's why we optimize the conversation playbooks constantly to achieve your goals.

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