Product Overview


Supercharge your sales funnel with
sniper-precise targeting

Why bother with blind searching when we can provide you with up-to-date access to

0 M+

Companies & Contacts

0 +

Data Points

Detailed account profiles, contact profiles, verified emails, corporate & direct phones, social URLs, and mailing addresses

Every field updated and verified

97%+ accuracy

Each data point is 100% guaranteed


What if it was Jeff, Bill, or Elon?

What if they are looking for their next big thing? Well, now you can turn this intel into the Amazing Window of opportunity & Energize your targeting contact list with enriched data.


A little party never killed nobody

Have some fun and try new tactics to gain the interest of your potential customers, nurture, engage, convert, close the deal and celebrate your success.

Global outreach

Omnichannel campaigns supported by AI

A/B testing

Deep personalization

Smart features

Advanced dashboards and reporting

Advanced security features

Suitable for teams



Is the AI-driven sales & Hyper-automation not in the scope of your current sales skill set yet?

Easy! That’s why we offer a fully tailor-made service for everything it takes to make you succeed – from planning to setup and maintenance. Let’s Hang out, Zoom in, or Team it together.

Seize the new land

Your sales team might not like the change at first – honestly, it’s natural to reject changes. But every change is an opportunity to explore and experience something new. We provide you with dedicated professionals who will manage and help your people to nail the new tech.

Our growth managers will make everything run smoooooothly.

Only open-minded relationships lead to success

We team up with you to plan & manage your prospecting. We lead you through the whole planning & set up process. A dedicated growth manager will always be at your hand.

Ready to grow your business and get more meetings with your ideal customers?

Engage our experts to become part of your team today.