Your LinkedIn profile as the key asset in lead generation

We all know how important LinkedIn has become for prospecting and recruiting. LinkedIn with over 722 million members attracts 310 million monthly active users, i.e. 40% of all LinkedIn users are using the platform daily. This brings a huge amount of opportunities and some challenges.

When using LinkedIn for sales prospecting, your LinkedIn profile it’s your key asset, your personal brand. However, a common scenario we’ve noticed with many of our clients was poor conversion rate, despite having a fantastic product, their sales team has great skills, but somehow when it comes to outbound lead generation and virtual selling they are not getting the results they expect. Why is that?

Since LinkedIn is one of the main business development channels companies use, it is vital to not underestimate planning and maintaining all aspects influencing the results.

If you are new to LinkedIn or you have an account that you haven’t been using and don’t have enough connections, LinkedIn offers the possibility to link/sync your profile with your personal/professional email address so you can easily connect to people you already know (your friends, previous employees, colleagues) and which they already have a LinkedIn account. This will help boost the numbers of your network.

But before you even start with sending an invitation let’s have a look at your profile closer.

Your profile

It’s important to think about the type of target market you will be connecting to. For most people they first look at the profile before deciding to connect.

You should ask yourself:

  1. What does your profile say about you?
  2. About your experience?
  3. What type of profiles get your attention?
  4. Would you want to connect with yourself when you see the content of your profile?

It’s important to think about these aspects as many times people are so focused on what they want, on their product, their services, that they just forget to think about how others may perceive them. You might have a state of the art website but if your Sales team doesn’t reflect that in their profiles your chances diminish.

When working with profiles of junior team members it is worth thinking about the possibility of tweaking their role descriptions to enhance the chance to connect leading to higher conversion rates when also using sales automation.

Cover picture

Ideally all your sales team would have a cover picture/banner with a company product, logo or something to showcase. Be careful not to overload with images. A simple picture or phrase would be sufficient. If a company brand it’s not an option just making sure that there is something professional that will enhance the profile. But be sure to avoid having a blank profile.

Profile picture

Your personal picture should be professional and suitable in terms of size, face, image etc. Having a smile it’s not necessary but if you have one it always helps. ???? 

Profile headline

This is the first thing people look at when they land at your profile page. Use these lines to describe a benefit to the viewer. E.g. Helping companies…., Now hiring……Try to use keywords that you want people to use to find you. For example “email marketing expert”, “CRM implementation consultant” etc.

Take into consideration the following:

  1. Do not use special characters and symbols to make your headline decorative
  2. Use commas and vertical bars to separate the phrases
  3. Do not use all uppercase letters
  4. Do not use email, phone number and URLs in your headline
  5. Read what leaders in your industry are writing in their headlines to get inspiration. Don’t copy them. Be creative.

Features section

This is a section that many people forget exists and yet is the perfect place to display more information about your company by adding pdf presentations, pictures, videos, etc. This will increase credibility and likelihood of people connecting.


What is your story? (And we don’t mean your personal story, although sometimes it might be better than the professional one ????) What is your personal purpose? What makes you get out of bed every day? (We know coffee helps!) ????

Here you should always have a short summary of who YOU are professionally and empathize with what you want to accomplish, the type of connections you are looking for. This is your personal section so it’s good to have a balance between personal preferences and the business. It can be very useful to have a look at roles and people in the same positions to have an idea and tweak your own version.

For some inspiration here is a random selection of top rated LinkedIn profiles. And the best would be to read summaries of some successful people in your profession or industry.

Write a draft and ask a few trusted people for objective feedback. It’s important to review your content as if you are the person you are trying to reach. You can include a short call-to-action (e.g. “Book free demo”, “ Download my guide”,  etc.).


It’s very important to add the Company description again. We want to emphasize what the company does to your current role/position.

Be human

More importantly, don’t forget to be human.

Think of your profile as an extension of you and your company, it has to have its own distinctive personality. People engage in business with people they like. People buy people. ????

Last check before launch

Once your profile is ready, you can start inviting people to accelerate the growth of your business and network in a faster and more efficient way. If you are super busy or you’re looking for a better and efficient way to do it, AI.corns is here to assist you.

Happy Connections!

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