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Outsmart your competitors with a B2B result-driven sales automation solution that finds your ideal customer base while you can deal with real business.

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Connect with thousands of new people interested in what you can offer

Selling virtually is the new normal. AI.corns will find the right leads, engage them in conversations and nurture the relationship until you’re ready to take over and score.


You ask. We deliver.

Outstanding targeting

Supercharge your sales funnel with sniper-precise targeting.

Visitor recognition

Know who is visiting your website and convert the anonymized traffic into engaged leads.

Engagement platform

Discover and automate new tactics to increase your lead generation.

Managed service

We team up with you to bring you the best: empower your skillset, know-how, and capacity.

Experiment. Evolve. Sell.

Just get more out of every seed

Engage in the most potent conversations through emails, LinkedIn, personalized images, videos, campaigns & sequencing. Just like that.

Harvest fruitful leads

Plug AI.corns into your business and just enjoy the ride. We take care of your communication, segmentation of audience, targeting, campaign strategy, and performance monitoring. Our sales acceleration solution is:

Easy to understand & adapt to any business strategy

More efficient than office space needed for the army of sales managers

A reliable source of a new income stream from the digital territory

AI.corns is a new generation of AI sales agents with access to 600M+ up to date contacts

Performance-oriented conversations designed by professionals

Outstanding data sourcing & targeting

Smarter contact data enrichment

Purchase intent & signals with 100+ data points

Hassle-free or professional?

You decide which tone suits your style the best. By deploying masterfully designed playbooks, you can now turn much more purchase intents into a rich yield.


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